What's New

New 2024 Calendars and Planners have arrived!
Lang $22.99
Pine Ridge $22.99
Delafield $22.99
Legacy $23.99
Small Lang $21.99
Small Pine Ridge $16.99
Pocket Planners $11.99
2 year Planners $9.99
Lang Planners $22.99
Magnetic $15.99

Cobble Hill Puzzles have arrived with a new box size.
2000 piece $29.99
1000 piece $22.99
500, 275 & Family puzzle $21.99
Floor $19.99

Douglas stuffed animals have arrived! Come in and check out the great selection!

New! Wild Woods Lodge
Fabric $22.99/metre
Fat Quarters $5.75
Panel $13.99
Charm Packs (5" squares) $23.99
Layer Cakes (10" squares) $79.99

Hello Sunbeam is a new Collection!!!
Fabric $22.99 per metre
Fat Quarters $5.75
Book Panel $14.99
5" precuts $23.99
10" precuts $79.99

NEW!! Blue do France by French General
Fabric $21.49 per metre
Fat Quarters $5.37
Mini Charms $8.99
Charm Pack $18.99
Layer Cake $69.95
Jelly Roll $69.95

NEW!! Amelia's Blues 1848-1890
Fabric $21.49 /metre
Fat Quarters $5.37
Mini Charm Packs $8.99
Charm Pack $18.99
Layer Cake $69.99
Jelly Roll $69.99

NEW!! Clover Blossom Farm by Kansas Troubles
Charm Pack $18.99
Fabric $21.49/metre 
Fat Quarters $5.37
Mini Charms $8.99
Layer Cake $69.99
Jelly Roll $69.99

Freedom Road by Kansas Troubles is New!
Charm Pack $18.99
Jelly Roll $64.95
Yardage $21.49 per metre
Fat Quarters $5.37 each

Lang Boxed Christmas cards have arrived!
We sold out last year so plant to get them early! We have a great selection!
Large $22.99
Medium $16.99
Petite $15.99

Lots of new arrivals from Douglas Cuddle Toy

Sister Bay by 3 Sisters is restocked.
Fabric $20.49/metre
108" Wide Back $32.99/metre
Fat Quarters $5.12
Charm Pack $17.99
Mini Charm $7.95

Looking for a Puzzle?

2000  $29.99
1000   $22.99
500 and Family. $21.99

1000  $28.99
500  $23.99

Legacy Calendars are in!
41 Titles and they come with 2 free cards!
Calendars $22.99
Magnetic Calendars $15.99
Small Calendars $11.99

Crossroad Candles are fully stocked.
Come in a pick up your favourite scent. 
Large 26oz $29.99
Medium 16 oz $24.99
Wick $23.99
Mason Jar $16.99
Our own Candle Co. Mason jar $17.99
Duffuser $29.99
Melting Cubes $5.99
Votives $2.99

New Outdoor Mats that fit the tray have arrived from 
Custom Decor. $32.99 each

Cabin Welcome Flannels $20.99/metre
Winter Wool Flannel $19.95/metre

My Canada a Timesaver is a new kit now available 52 x 72
Kit for inside Squares $25.99
Borders and Binding $37.38
Pillow case $17.95

Feline Good is a new fabric arrival!
Fabric $19.95 metre
Essential Fabric on floor $18.49
Fat Quarters $4.99
Essential Fat Quarters $4.62
5" Karot Crystals $16.99
Panel $12.99

New Arrival!
Violet Hill by Holly Taylor
Fabric $20.49 metre
Fat Quarters $5.12 each
Mini Charms $6.99
Charm Pack $16.99
Jelly Roll $61.99

Nature's Calling
Panel $9.99
Fabric $16.99 metre
Fat Quarters $4.25

New Mats and Flags
Mat $32.99
Rubber Tray $36.99
Large Flags $34.99
Small Flags $18.99

New Douglas Baby items!
Lil' Snugglers $19.99
Sshlumpies $26.99
Soft Baby Books $19.99
Sslumpie Teether $17.99
Plumpie $26.99
Starlight Musicals $47.99
New Paci Lovey $12.99
New Blanket Lovie $39.99

Prairie Dreams by Kansas Troubles
Fabric $20.50 metre
Charm Pack $16.99
Mini Charm $6.99
Jelly Roll $61.95
Fat Quarters $5.12

My Canada is a new line from Northcott
Cotton Fabric $16.99 metre
Cotton Flannel on floor $17.99 metre
Plaid Flannel on floor $16.99 metre
True North Panel $9.99
Bag Panel $10.99
Fat Quarters available

New Shipment of Cobble Hill Puzzles!
The larges we have had in over a year!
1000 piece $22.99
500, 275 and Family piece $21.99

New Springbok puzzles
500 piece $23.99
1000 piece $28.99

Cobble Hill Puzzles have arrived!
1000, 500, and Family Puzzles $19.99
Puzzle Mat $22.99
Sorting Trays $22.99

Ty squish-a-boo just arrived!
So cute and cuddly.
Just $11.99

New Arrivals!
Great stocking stuffers!

Lang Puzzles back in stock!
1000 and 750 pc $19.99
500 pc $17.99
300 pc $14.99

Redwork Gatherings from Primitive Gatherings
Fabric $19.95 metre
Fat Quarters $4.99
Layer Cake $62.95
Mini Charms $6.99

Lots of new mugs. 
Recipe boxes and cards, Canadian coasters, journals, pens and tea towels. Flavoured Hot Chocolate packs by Orange Crate.
Polypropylene is back in stock and Coloured elastic.
Polypropylene $3.95 per metre
1/4" coloured elastic $1.08 per metre
1/8" coloured elastic 80 cents per metre

New Flags and Mats
Small Flags $18.99
Small Flag Pole $14.99
Large Flags $34.99
Mats $32.99
Rubber Tray $36.99

Springbok Puzzles have arrived!
500 piece $23.99
1000 piece $28.99
400 piece $24.99

Restocked on Pocket Planners and Engagement Planners.
Pocket Planner $12.99
2 Year Planner $10.98
Engagement Planner $23.99

Douglas baby items have arrived!
Come in and check out our great selection!

Urban Camo by Moda has arrived!
Fabric $20.49 per metre. Fat Quarters $5.12 each

Restocked on Candles for Fall. Large Jars $29.99, Medium jars $24.99, Mason Jar
$16.99, Melting Cubes $5.99, Votives $2.99, Car Air Freshener $3.99, Room Spray $9.99, Diffusers $29.99

Legacy Calendars have finally arrived! This year the calendars have 2 free cards in every calendar $23.99

Just in! Boxed Christmas cards. 12 to a box. Printed inside and on the envelopes. $17.99/box
Lang Mugs. Nice large size!
14 oz. $20.99
Travel Mugs $26.99
17 oz mugs $24.99
Cutting Boards $19.99

New puzzles from Lang.
1000  $19.99, 750  $19.99, 500  $17.99, 300  $14.99

Just in "Haunted Nights" a gorgeous line of Halloween Fabric.

Wool felt 10" x 18" precut pieces $2.50 ea.
20% wool 80% Rayon

New Calendars have arrived!
2021 Engagement calendars $23.99
2 year planner $10.98 comes with a pen
Pocket planners $10.98

Lots of cozy polar fleece and flannels.
Great for baby quilts.

More new flannels

Need some bright blenders?
Lots to choose from.


We have elastic!

Masks, don't sew? You can purchase one from us.

Canada Fabric

We have a great selection of puzzles. Come in and check it out. We are open!

Crystal Lake

 Moda fabric by Minick & Simpson
Available in Yardage and Pre-Cuts

At The Lake........A gorgeous line!

WOW.......a new shipment of Wool Felt.
So many colours to choose from!

New Shipment of 3 and 6 watt waxy bulbs.
Everyone loves these!

New Arrival!!
Brand new line of Canada fabric by Northcott.

Great gift ideas!!

Ladies night shirts.

New flannels by Kansas Troubles "Country Roads"

Kitchen wares.

New shipment of braided rugs in beautiful country colours.

Homespuns and flannels and patterns for your next project.

Lots of cozy flannels and fleeces.
Some great colours for making your next baby quilt.

We have a great selection of gorgeous Lang Christmas cards
in stock.

Lots of Christmas tree ornaments in stock.
Come early for a great selection.

Come and visit us for a great selection of Canada Fabrics!

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